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‘If we lose each other, then we’ll come back to this spot, on this day, at this time, every year until we find each other.’


Casey Miller-James works hard, plays hard and loves hard. She has her dream job in a London art gallery and is busy planning a wedding to her influencer girlfriend who’s determined to have the best lesbian wedding anyone has ever seen. Life is good. So why does Casey feel like her heart belongs to that woman from Melbourne she met in Berlin eleven years ago and never saw again? 


Holly Craddock feels like life is passing her by. Her career is going nowhere, and her spare time is spent running around after her unappreciative partner and worrying about her mum’s illness. She longs to rediscover her passion for photography, and she dreams of finding that woman from London who broke her heart in Berlin so long ago. She doesn’t care how brief their romance was, if she’s ever going to move on, she needs closure.


When a work opportunity gives Casey time alone and an unexpected event gives Holly the chance to shape her future, they both find themselves asking, ‘what if?’ After all, the intense chemistry they once shared must mean something. But how do you find someone from the other side of the world when you only know their first name, and the only plan to reunite was to meet in a Berlin park in late August at 6 pm, eleven years ago? Even if they do manage to find each other, can they make something work in the real world?


Meet Me in Berlin is a second-chance sapphic romance with heart, humour and heat.


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The only way to find herself is to lose herself


A year ago, Amy Campbell’s life was perfect. She had a beautiful wife, her career was on an upward trajectory, and her friendship circle was uncomplicated. Now she’s a thirty-five-year-old widow who relies on wine and a dysfunctional situationship to cope. 


Aware her life is hanging together by a thread, Amy reluctantly attends group therapy. As she works through her grief and opens up to others in the group, she forms an unexpected bond that gives her life renewed purpose. But as she strives to become a normal functioning adult again, strains on her new relationship, conflict with her best friend, and the pressures of everyday life throw her into turmoil.


The more Amy tries to redefine herself, the more her old self surfaces until the two collide and she’s forced to confront her reality and make a decision about her future. 


Can Amy find the courage to say goodbye to her late wife and allow herself to love again? Or is the risk too great?


Normal Functioning Adult is a story of grief, friendship and love told with heart and humour.

First edition of Normal Functioning Adult

A story of grief, friendship and love

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