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Book and Headphones

Media and events


I'll be signing at A Romantic Rendezvous in Brisbane on 9 March 2024. It's held at Royal on the Park in the city and will be attended by an impressive group of authors! Information about the event and tickets are available here


Totally Lit
21 March 2023

I joined Totally Lit! host Ky Garvey at the 2023 GenreCon to chat about the release of my new book and diversity in women's fiction. Available on Apple Podcasts here .


Book launch
23 June 2023

The book launch for Normal Functioning Adult was held at Avid Reader, Brisbane, on June 23. See my Instagram for photos.

Author for the day

I was the Global Girls Online Bookclub (GGOB) author for the day on 26 July 2023. GGOB is a Facebook group for lovers of books, and I spent the day posting about my debut novel, my writing process, books I love and some non-book stuff. It was a great day engaging with readers and the enthusiasm for my novel was great. If you'd like to see my posts for the day, head over to Facebook and join the group. They have an author every day, so you might find another author and books you love over there. 

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